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AVID: Coach Wooden

Coach Wooden

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.


Final Research Project

For your final research project in AVD this year, we are going to focus on Coach Wooden and his Pyramid of Success. Your paper will basically include 3 parts:

  1. Coach Wooden's life: Research the life of Coach John Wooden and write a short profile on the man.
  2. Philosophy and story behind his Pyramid of Success: Focus your paper on the Pyramid of Success and one of the `15 blocks on the pyramid.
  3. One "block" of the pyramid that you connect with the most: Define and explain the word in the block and how it relates to your life and the lives of others.

Part One: Profile of Coach John Wooden (2-3pages)

Part Two: Wooden's Pyramid of Success (1-2 Pages)

Part Three: The block you choose from the pyramid, which will be one of the following: industriousness, friendship, loyalty, cooperation, intentness, inintative, alertness, self-control, team spirit, skill, condition, confidence, poinse, competitive greatness. (2-3 pages)

** The paper will need to be in MLA format and you will need at least 3 sources and 3 direct quotes.

MLA Style Guide

This four page Style Sheet will provides you with examples of entries that are available at ONW. (3-5-11)

Biography in Context

Google Books