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Creative Commons 2015-16: Home


This LibGuide is designed to introduce you to tools for locating images, music, and fonts that have copyright permissions that allow you to use them in your projects.

Citations are still required, but you can feel safe knowing you are using without stealing!  Think of your citation as a big thank you letter to the artist whose work made your work possible.

This is an evolving resource-- please let Ms. McNerney know of links that are no longer working, and suggest new resources for inclusion!

Creative Commons & Copyright-- Who cares?

Why are we so determined to teach you to use Creative Common licensed images?  Too many reasons to list here!  But, here's our top three list:

1)  You can easily and confidently find images that artists are not only allowing- but encouraging you to use in your new project!

2)  It makes you into an ethical user of other people's work-- no more stealing!

3)  It gives artists a way to find a new audience-- and gain popularity!  When you use their work- AND GIVE THEM CREDIT- more viewers will seek out the artists' other projects.  Artists + publicity= love (and maybe $ if they can sell their works later!)

Creative Commons- What is it? Why do we care?

Creative Commons Collaboration Example

Long Distance ReMix

Flickr Screencast

PhotoPin- Ms. Mac's Favorite Image Searching Tool!