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Guiding Questions


How has the issue led to prejudice and/or discrimination?

How has the issue led to a drive to fix the prejudice and/or discrimination that have occurred?

How have prejudice and/or discrimination led to the issue?

How has the issue enhanced the view of the groups within society?


NY Times Infographic Examples

Tips for a Great Graphic

Find a topic rich for investigation.

Research! Read background information. Locate and analyze relevant data.

Search to see how others have represented similar data.

Plan the most important elements/assets. Sketch out your "story."

Decide how best to visualize the meaning of those elements.

Develop a thesis/argument.

Keep it simple! Keep it clear!

Carefully select a color scheme.

Carefully select your font.

Make sure your conclusion is evident.


What is an Infographic?

Infographics visually represent data, information, knowledge, and arguments.  Infographics tell complex stories by combining a variety of charts, graphs, timelines, and other tools known as assets. They exploit elements of design to synthesize large amounts of information, to point to connections and patterns, using visual strategies that make it easy for the viewer to digest and understand. 

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Infographic Assessment

Research and Synthesis

  • Scope of topic clearly defined.
  • Thesis clearly stated.
  • Information effectively selected and relevant to present message.
  • Statistics collected from reliable sources.
  • Information is logically organized so that reader can easily understand message of the data.
  • Appropriate and varied charts and images represent data.
  • Concise text supports graphics
  • Infographic presents clear conclusion based on data presented

Design and Creativity

  • Effective use of metaphor/big picture
  • Effective use of color, font, graphics.
  • Appropriate assets/elements/information types selected to convey messsage of data
  • Graphics organized to clearly communicate thesis and evidence.
  • Evidence of creative thought


No spelling or grammatical errors

An Infographic Infographic

Anatomy of a Great Infographic
Image compliments of Graphic Design Degree Hub