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Oregon Trail Middle School: NoodleTools

Library Media Center


Click on the NoodleTools logo to go to the NoodleTools website.

Step One: Create a New Project

  1. Sign in with your Personal ID and your Password.
  2. To start a new project, click on the Create a New Project button on the right side of the screen.
  3. Choose MLA for your citation style and Junior for your citation level. Give yourproject a name.  I suggest that you identify it by the class, the year and the class project name.  For example: Science 7 Harvest of the Month.  Click Create Project.
  4. To work on your Bibliography, click on Works Cited in the middle of the page.
  5. Select a citation type on the drop down menu and the click Create Citation.

Citations: How to Cite a Website

What is a Webpage?

A Webpage is an online source of any length or language:

A Webpage:

  • can be written by anyone regardless of expertise
  • may not contain accurate information
  • may not be organized to support research needs
  • may be biased; may be hard to identify the author
  • Information may be outdated

Citations: How to Cite a Database

What is a Database?

a database contains information that is not usually found by searching Google.

A Database:

  • contains information written by experts in a particular field
  • contains accurate information where facts have been checked
  • is well organized and provides advanced searching to help narrow a topic
  •  is usually neutral
  • is updated frequently and indicated the date of publication

Citations: How to Cite an Image

What is a Born Digital Image?

We call an image "born digital" if:

  • it was created (e.g. digital camera, computer screen capture program, desktop scanner) in digital form for the Web
  • you do not know where the image itself (not the place of object in it) is physically stored