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Oregon Trail Middle School: Technology Resources

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Updating Your Surface Go

Please remember: you should be checking for and installing updates to your device at least once per week. Your device must be plugged in to install any updates. 

Some of the issues you may experience, that would indicate the need to update your device include:

  • Problems with our audio
  • Changes in the display, including videos
  • Maintaining a wireless connection

Clearing the Cache in Google Chrome

To keep Google Chrome running properly, you must clear the cache every few weeks.

Surface Go Reminders

Be sure to "Restart" your device 2-3 times every week!

Surface Go Tech Tips

Check this troubleshooting chart when having trouble with your device---

Saving to OneDrive - Students

Microsoft's Office OneDrive is the preferred online file storage service. You have 5 GB of storage and can access your files on any device from anywhere!