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Olathe West Library Home


English Language Learning

     Heather Johnston

 Tae Chung

Jenny Havermann

Samuel Palm

 Leah Yates

Family & Consumer Sciences

Shelby Muha

 Erica McIntyre

 Ali Plankers

International Language

    Randy Enright

 Courtney Frets

 Elizabeth Janzen

 Jessica Morehead

 Anna Nondorf

  Sarah Peterson

 Chris Setley

 Will Schowalter

Language Arts

 Mardy Ortman

Banned Book Project
Biography Project
Jazz Age Project

English III: America PBL

AP Lit Summer Reading 



 Lindsay Burhans

 Maureen Campion

 Aaron Schwartz

 Will Showalter

 Matt Stiles

 Julia Walker


Production Tech

 Kevin Hulsen


 John McDonald


Social Science

 Julie Fishburn

 Dee Bell

 Jordan Boyd

 Bryan Brogren

 Mike McLaughlin

 Maegan Ruport

 Ashley Singharaj

 Matt Trumpp

World War 1 Libguide Persuasive Research Report

Works Cited/ MLA Format/ In-text Citation Support

 Andy Weber

Special Services

 Natalie Bumgarner

 Ashley Admire

 Kelsey Carhajo

 Rachel Falke

 Liz Hawkins

 Megan Hayes

 Angela Holtgraves

 Jackie Houghton

 Todd Klamm

 Whitney Root

 Jonathan Stahl

 Lucas Vincent