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Chisholm Trail Middle School Library: iPad Troubleshooting

To keep your iPad happily working, make sure to keep it updated!

Your iPad should now be updated to 12.4.1

If you need to update (or check for new updates), follow these steps:



-Software Update


After you've completed the update, don't forget to make sure that Location Services is still toggled to ON.  You can do this by going to:



-Location Services (Toggle to ON)

My iPad won't connect to wifi at school!

Check your settings.  They should be set to the following:

-WiFi should be set to the "OPS233" network (Settings, WiFi, OPS233)

-Click on OPS 233 Guest.

-While it's loading, click OPS 233 wifi.

My iPad won't connect to wifi at home!

There are updated directions from the technology department as of 1/05/18. 

Please click on the following link to open the instructions page:

I can't remember my email address, username, and/or passsword!

Your district email account for Google applications is:

Your district username is:

Last 3 digits of student number/ 3 initials/ birth day  (Example: 123hsb16)


Remember your district password will change every 90 days.  If you get the message "incorrect password", make sure you're entering your most recent district password.

If you forget your district password, see your CAT teacher or the librarian.

My iPad won't charge!

-Plug in your iPad. (Refrain from charging using a powerstrip, if possible.)

-Swipe out of all apps and documents.

-Completely shut down iPad while it charges.

-Leave it to charge overnight (without waking it up to check on its progress) if possible.