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Biome Adventure Travel: The National Parks: Biomes of North America

Biomes - Map

(Muskopf, Shannan. Biome Map. Portable Document File.Retrieved from 15 Jan 2014)

Biome Websites

Biomes of the World - Missouri Botanical Garden. Frame on left lists plants, animals and other facts. Be sure you are looking only at North America!

 Major Biomes of the World - Radford University. Use the links at top of page to access subcategories within each biome.

Mission: Biomes - The Earth Observatory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Provides overview of each biome including, temperature, vegetation, location, etc.

The World's Biomes - University of California Berkeley. Describes characteristics of each major biome.

World Biomes - Covers five of the major world biomes.