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Directions to obtain an eCard for online access to Johnson County Libraries (PDF created by Ms. McNerney, OE Librarian.)Public Library eCard

Directions to obtain an eCard for online
access to Johnson County Libraries
(PDF created by Ms. McNerney,
OE Librarian.)


State Library of Kansas

Are you in a reading slump? Are you having a hard time choosing from all of the AMAZING books? Did you really like the last book you read and you want to find something that will give you that same feeling?

Look no further!

You can fill out this form and one of the staff will be sure to get you a CUSTOMIZED reading list!

Please know we NEED an email you will check regularly as that's how we'll get the list to you!


We want to hear from YOU. 

Did you absolutely love the last book you read? Are you dying to tell someone new about your favorite book? Was the last book you read awful and you need to warn people to stay away?

Send us your reviews! They will have a chance to be featured on our NEW Instagram! @EaglesLMC

Contact Your Librarian

Eric Zink
Library Media Specialist

Finding a book is as easy as ABC!

Access the catalog

Browse our collection

Copy the call number

Once you’ve gotten all your information, you should be able to find your book.

Still having trouble? The Library Staff will be happy to help!

When I find my call number, it has something written at the end of it?

What are all these colors when I walk through the books?

You may be asking yourself these questions, and here are some answers for you! Like many of us, I'm sure you have a favorite type of book you like to read. Maybe you really like books about mystical adventures, super scary things, or even some lovely romance. You're in luck! Olathe North's fiction collection is split into 9 different fiction genres, so you're bound to find something you like.






Here's a quick guide to show you what the different genres are, as well as what color is on the spine label.